Drift away and Enjoy the tranquility as your feet receive the attention they deserve.


We'll begin with a soothing Sea-salt Peppermint foot soak while you receive comforting aromatherapy welcome.

Our Reflexology therapy focuses on pressure points, on the meridians zones. Reflexology aims to restore balance and wellbeing through relaxing pressure and massage techniques to reflex points in the feet, hands or face.


Pressure points are thought to correspond to organs, and structures in the body. Reflexology supporting Neuropathic Diabetic nerve pain, enhanced energy, increased feeling of wellbeing, improved circulation, elimination of toxins and management of symptoms including anxiety.


Benefits:  Stimulates nerve function, increase energy, boost circulation, induce a deep state of relaxation to name just a few.

60 Minute Treatment∙∙$95 


Washington Mall 22 Church St. Unit 309 Hamilton City. HM11 Bermuda. Phone: 1441- 400-5906



Monday - Friday 9 AM. - 6 PM

Saturday: 9 AM. -  6 PM

Sunday - 9 AM. - 3 PM. 

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